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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Types of Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is any material handling storage system that stores materials on pallets in horizontal rows on multiple levels. Pallet racks require the use of a forklift truck to load and unload pallets onto the racks. All pallet racking, no matter the style, will increase the storage density of your warehouse, retail centers, and any other storage facility.

There are many factors to consider when choosing which style of racking is right for you:

• Storage density required/desired
• Building space, both floor space and height
• Placement of obstructions like doors, support beams, columns, etc.
• Inventory size and weight
• Inventory accessibility
• Cost

Selective pallet rack is the least dense and also the least expensive, and allows for direct access to each product at each shelf height. They come in two main styles, roll formed and structural. Roll formed racking is typically lighter and has horizontal load beams that are held in to place by clips, and are typically adjustable in 2 inch increments. This makes adjusting the rack heights very easy, but roll formed pallet racks cannot hold as much weight as other styles, and tend to be less resistant to impact by forklifts.

Structural selective racking is much more durable because the horizontal beams are attached to the upright beams with bolts. Both types of selective racks are adjustable and allow for customization, but roll formed is less durable and more prone to damage. Structural pallet rack can also be a part of the building's structure, replacing the building's I-beams, creating a rack supported building.

Other types of pallet rack include drive-in/drive-through, push-back, and pallet flow rack. These types allow for more dense storage, but you cannot access any given inventory item at any moment. It takes a little more planning and organization to properly utilize this style of racking, but when done properly is extremely efficient.

Drive in/through racks allow for lift equipment to drive directly into the rack's rows. Drive through is open at each entry point allowing for a forklift to drive completely through the rack, whereas drive in is only open at one end. Drive in requires a LIFO style of inventory (last in, first out), meaning that the first pallet to be stored in a row is the last one out, and the last one to be stored is the first one out. Drive through used either the LIFO or FIFO method for storing, because pallets can be accessed from either side.

Drive-in/drive-through rack is an extremely dense method of storage, because it does not require aisles between each rack system. This style can be damaged somewhat easily because forklifts travel through the rows with very little clearance on either side.

Push-back pallet rack takes advantage of depth for additional storage capacity because it can typically store between four and six pallets deep, and pallets are stored on wheeled carts that sit on top of rails.

These rails are angled slightly toward the front of the racking, causing pallets to roll forward due to gravity. When a forklift loads a new pallet into a row with pallets already in it, it pushes the existing pallets back. When a forklift takes a pallet out, all of the other pallets slide forward towards the front. This a great labor saver but is also more expensive than selective and structural rack, so it depends on how dense you need your storage space to be.

Pallet flow rack is very similar to push back rack in that it takes advantage of depth and gravity for additional storage density. Pallets are placed on roller wheels at a slight incline so that pallets move to the front of the rack automatically. These systems may contain braking systems that control the speed of the moving pallets for added safety. Depending on your setup, pallet flow rack can be loaded in the back and picked in the front (FIFO), or loaded and picked in the front (LIFO).

ASI carries a variety of styles and brands, some of which aren't manufactured anymore. These styles are just as safe and function properly, but they have just been replaced with newer models.

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

4 Ways Pallet Handling Can Impact the Bottom Line

The bottom line is ultimately why you are in business. You don't go into business with the intention of losing money. You go in because you want to turn a profit. This means that you have to look at the different ways that the bottom line is being impacted - and pallet handling is a significant one. There are four ways that handling your pallets can damage your bottom line and knowing these will help you be on the lookout for better solutions.

Damage to the Pallets

There may be damage to the pallets during any kind of pallet handling. You have to look at the different ways that the pallets are being damaged in order to train your employees more effectively as well is to know when it is time to purchase new pallets. There may be issues with the way that the pallets are being loaded and packaged and there may be issues with the pallets themselves, such as missing wood beams across the top of the pallets or damage to where the forklift goes in.

There have been issues where employees are not familiar with driving a forklift and they cause all of the damage to the pallets on their own, simply because they are trying to lift it up. If the forklift does not slide into the wooden slots of the pallet the first time, the metal rods of the forklift may be actually damaging the pallet - and this is a problem. You could be damaging the inventory as well as the pallets, costing you more money.

Improper Labeling of Pallets

If they pallet is labeled improperly, it is likely going to get filed away improperly. It may even get delivered to the wrong customer, which would require you to go pick it up and then delivered to the correct customer. This happens more frequently than you can imagine. Such a mistake could end up costing you a significant amount of money, which is taking away from your bottom line.

Disorganization of Pallets

The disorganization of pallets can be a significant problem. If you don't have a specific system as to where pallets are being stored, they may be dropped anywhere. This makes inventory substantially more difficult. It doesn't have to be this way. There can be organization with the pallets, but it may not be as a result of your warehouse employees. A third party can be hired to provide reverse logistics, and various other warehouse services.

Poor Unloading of Pallets

Pallets are being unloaded poorly, it can also hurt your bottom line. Pallet handling needs to be done efficiently from beginning to end. The moment your employees begin to unload the pallets, they need to focus on balancing the weight, recycling the packaging materials, and labeling everything sufficiently. The labor spent on unloading pallets can be much more than it should, because there is a lack of productivity.

You may be experiencing one or more of these problems and that can be a significant issue. You don't want to throw money away and this is why can be advantageous to work with a logistics company that will handle the management of your warehouse.

reLogistics was founded with a single premise - to help companies realize the efficiencies and opportunities of a professional, scalable, efficient, third party work force - without the costs and risks associated with staffing and managing warehouse labor.

Our production/labor solutions provide support for grocery warehouses, foodservice distributors, retail distribution operations, pharmacy/HBC distribution centers and manufacturers.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Buying Pallet Storage Racks Online

Pallet Storage Assistance

Pallet Storage Racks

Pallet storage racks are designed to effectively store pallets. You can get pallet racks in different sizes from medium to large. Some racks can easily hold hundreds of pallets safely and efficiently.

Pallet racks are one of the best and most effective ways to manage space in a warehouse.  Apart from the different sizes, they are also available in different types, such as light and heavy duty racks, open and closed rack systems, carpet racks etc.

Pallet rack systems and pallet rack shelving are what you need to keep your pallets stored safely. Depending on the way you see fit, you can arrange the various racks accordingly in your warehouse to save the most amount of space. This is because every industrial application or area will have a different purpose and need for these racks. If the standard sizes don't work for you, you can get them designed to meet your specific requirements. The only thing you need to make sure is that they are strong and safe. They have to able to survive even in extreme conditions.

Heavy duty pallet racks are very strong and can successfully resist any forklift damage from occurring. They can also hold heavy loads and survive in harsh environments. Most of these racks are open and therefore easily accessible from all sides. You can place the pallets either individually or you can have them stacked on top of each other before putting them on the racks. You can even get mobile racks that have small wheels if you need to move the rack around from one spot to another.

A Pallet flow rack can help you to save storage space and enable easy accessibility to the pallets especially when they have to be unloaded. This type of rack uses a static rack structure, flow rails and a roller system at a declining angle to enable easy accessibility to the pallets. This rack system uses mechanical brakes to keep the pallets in place on the flow tracks. There are many benefits gained by using this system. It increases productivity and enables an orderly traffic rate. It can also help in reducing handling costs as moving the pallets don't require any electricity.

You can buy pallet racks that are ideal for your needs by simply going online and checking out the various websites that offer you such racks. The different types have their own advantages and disadvantages. By comparing their features and looking at your own personal or business needs, you will be able to find your ideal pallet storage racks.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free Pallet and Skid Exchange Network

Free shipping pallet exchange for Raleigh and the surrounding area.  List on the message board the location and quantity of your wooden pallets.  List for free, to sell, buy or if you want free pick-up of used pallets at your business location. Many businesses in Raleigh are looking for a pallet service company or someone that can pick up used shipping pallets.

Exchange Pallets Message Board

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Best Price On Pallet Trucks, Quick Lift - High Capacity - Low Profile


High safety
• Special lowering valve to control the lowering function
• High-pressure relief valve to prevent overload

Good maneuverability/utilization of space
• Short length behind forks
• Great durability
• Special lowering valve to control the lowering function
• Tight turning angle

Long operating life
• Low maintenance costs
• 2 year warranty
• Reliable leak-proof hydraulic system

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Best Price On Drum Pallet Racks

Satisfy your high capacity drum storage requirements with the MECO OMAHA Drum Pallet Rack. 

Designed to store 30 and 55 gallon drums; accepts 12 or 16 drums depending upon model. 
Each level has a capacity of 4825 lbs. Rack is easy to assembly by bolting the load beams to the all welded 3” structural channel upright frame – no special tools required. Frames are punched full height on 4” centers permitting 2” vertical adjustability of beams. The portable drum cradles are made of 1-1/4” diameter tubing to prevent requirements. Cradles are included with the rack. Drum cradles can be removed from any level to allow storage of palletized material.  Add-on units of one upright frame, load beams and cradles can be ordered. Additional cradles can be ordered separately.  Gray enamel finish.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

5500 lbs. Capacity Manual Pallet Trucks

5500 lbs. Capacity Manual Pallet Trucks are designed to move pallets and skids.

High safety
Special lowering valve to control the lowering function
• High-pressure relief valve to prevent overload

Good maneuverability/utilization of space
Tight turning angle
• Short length behind forks

Great durability
Long operating life
• Low maintenance costs
• 2 year warranty
• Reliable leak-proof hydraulic system

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